Secure Payment

John Foster pays particular attention to security issues regarding online payments. Encryption is an essential way of ensuring a high level of security for transactions. John Foster has adopted the SSL encrypting process to protect all data linked to personal information and payment methods.

In all zones where John Foster’s URL address starts with http:// (where « s » means secure), information is encrypted and therefore protected before their transfer via internet.

Your banking information is encrypted and transmitted to our HSBC bank in a completely secure environment. They are in no way kept.

In partnership with Atos, make your orders online completely securely. You are ensured that your credit card number will not clearly transit online, thanks to 3D Secure and the SSL 3.0 128 bits coding system. The number will be entered on the Atos secure site, John Foster will only receive an autorisation number via internet.

Once your payment is confirmed, your data will be erased. This is the reason why John Foster will always ask you for a credit card number during each transaction.

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