Who are we?

Harmony can not be invented, it is created. It has a name. Timeless, demanding, authentic, John Foster has given credibility and recognition to shoes by defying trends to create an exceptional and unique range of shoes. Each model inspires the sublime, handmounted, carefully studied, the finishing touches are impeccable. The style is in the look, inexpressible. The shoe brilliantly combines virility and character. Simplicity is a matter of talent, and that is something John Foster certainly has.

Over time, the JF signature has become synonymous with excellence. To dress is to stand out. From moccasins to leather shoes and boots, each design leads us in that direction. Original and true, the brand became successful at an early stage. The essence of the shoe reflects an emotion. To wear John Foster shoes is to absorb a world of luxury, history and values.

Lose your balance. John Foster asserts its signature with strength : we don’t wear shoes, they wear us. To create is to surprise, to surprise time, and to move forward in a different way. At a time when conformity is spreading, John Foster still succeeds in surprising us with its collections. . To make is a matter of passion…

The past year was a confirmation year for John Foster, which more than ever, is a brand that asserts itself as a link between tradition and innovation. The ground has found its footprint. New franchises, one in Dijon and the other in Luxembourg, saw the light in 2010. The brand which praises elegance, refinement and distinction made an appearance at the Carlton, the legendary Cannes hotel during the international film festival, in partnership with shoe shine Daniel Vallera. Many celebritites now wear shoes from the shop on rue Chabrol. The shoes are pure, inspire daydreaming, as well as answering a need for excellence. John Foster wanders between classic and modern. At the request of clients, Gilles Alali the designer of the brand, launches his first perfume John Foster for men.

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